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February 2017

Part 6 – Configure and run a macro

To refactor or not to refactor? Now we have two commands, to play with. firstCommand.js secondCommand.js The SecondCommand class depends upon the output of the FirstCommand class. This sounds like we need a different strategy then before, to run the… Continue Reading →

Part 5 – Building a second command

Input from multiple sources The first command only took just one input value from parameter ‘n‘, that was set via this file:

The next command, we will build in this part of the tutorial, will depend upon 2 input… Continue Reading →

Part 4 – Configure and run your first command

Start where we left off In the previous part of this tutorial, we have created a command that can perform a simple calculation. It takes an configurable input value from parameter ‘n‘ and multiplies it by 100. Then it stores… Continue Reading →

Part 3 – Building your first command

What are commands and why should I use them? You can more or less compare a command with a npm package. It is re-usable code that is preferably responsible for just one thing, and usually works pretty well. The main… Continue Reading →

Part 2 – Preparing a project

Prepare yourselfs… In this tutorial we will prepare a Nodejs project, that will make use of the macro-command package.  To keep any user code separated from the package itself, we have to create a simple directory structure, in which we can… Continue Reading →

Part 1 – Start using the macro-command

Overview In this series of tutorials, I will guide you step-by-step through the process of building a macro. Each step will follow up on the previous one, and will be explained in detail in a new post. Preparing a project Building… Continue Reading →

My personal use-case for the macro-command module

I work for an international company that operates mainly in the maritime and offshore industry. Recently, I got involved in multiple projects that had something to do with data analysis. While the projects were initiated by different research departments, they had… Continue Reading →

How I’ve learned to understand the concept of prototypes in JavaScript

Whenever you talk about ‘prototype’, you’ll have to be very careful and clear about what you mean. The word ‘prototype’ can have different meanings in JavaScript. A clear description of each meaning is very hard to find, because the information… Continue Reading →

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