Connecting the dots – Crossroads part 1 – The Left-Right Concept

The left-right concept in detail

When I was playing around with the chords as shown on the summary sheet, I discovered that you can play each chord in two different ways. In other words, you always have two options, right next to each other, to produce the exact same sound.

How does it work?

When you take any open voiced chord and you draw an imaginary line between the bottom and the top note, you can always play the in-between-note either on the left or on the right side of this line.

In the image below I have drawn a circle around each “left-right”-pair.

left-right pairs

Logical grouping

For me the above sheet is still way too much information to process and to memorize. Therefor I have made some groupings by sound (major, minor, minor b5) as shown in the next 2 images. This helps me to better understand which forms belong together. Now I can focus on one sound at a time, which is only a third of the total amount of initial information.

left right pairs  (major and minor)

left right pairs (minor b5)


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