Connecting the dots – Crossroads part 2 – Diatonic triads on all string-sets

Crossroads – Part 2

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together” (Vincent Van Gogh)

As already explained at the beginning of Part 1, both parts are interchangeable. The don’t depend upon each other, but they add up. When both parts are fully mastered, they will provide a solid basis for any further investigations of harmony on the guitar.

String-set 2

I am not going through all individual chords for the next string-sets. I will start immediately with the summary sheet, because in the previous chapters I’ve already described in much detail how a summary sheet is built-up and how it can be used. So documenting this process once is good enough for me. It saves me time that I can now spend on practicing this new material.

all diatonic triads string-set 2

String-set 3

And here is the summary sheet for the final string-set. Once I’ve mastered these chords as well, I have a decent tool-set that allows me to improvise with harmony within the diatonic system. With this I can play any (basic) chord anywhere on the neck of my guitar. It is a first major step in connecting the dots. The fret-board will slowly start to reveal its hidden logic…
diatonic triads on string-set 3

Summary of 1-4-5 on all string-sets

This is a very important summary sheet. It contains the 1-4-5 chord progression for each major scale pattern as well as each of the 3 different string-sets. If this material is fully mastered, I should be able to play 1-4-5 all over the fret-board in both vertical and horizontal directions. This is the core progression of almost any pop song.
1-4-5 progressions

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