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Exploring triads on guitar (e-book)

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About this book This book contains a lot of information about triads and how to play/use them on the guitar. I started to explore this topic one and a half year ago, and I feel I have only scratched the… Continue Reading →

Short videos about music theory

I am thinking about creating a series of short videos about the basics of music theory. By giving practical tips and examples I will show you how you can benefit from theory as a guitarist. You don’t need to be… Continue Reading →

Seventh chords – best practice routine

What are mixed inversion practice tables? Please have a look at the image below first, to see what a “mixed inversion practice table” looks like. I have attached a PDF file with seven of those tables. One for each tone… Continue Reading →

The importance of a good practice routine

Contents1 A look into the mirror2 A spinning compass3 Fixing my inner compass4 A tip that saves the day. Every day! A look into the mirror Before you start reading this post, I want you to answer the following question… Continue Reading →

Opening new musical doors with the IFR method

In search of the holy grail I’ve been playing the guitar since I was a teenager. Ever since then I’ve felt the urge to freely improvise. Despite a lot of practicing and playing, I have never found a way to… Continue Reading →

Part 6 – Configure and run a macro

Contents1 To refactor or not to refactor?2 Macro to the rescue3 How about the application?4 Summary To refactor or not to refactor? Now we have two commands, to play with. firstCommand.js secondCommand.js The SecondCommand class depends upon the output of… Continue Reading →

Part 5 – Building a second command

Input from multiple sources The first command only took just one input value from parameter ‘n‘, that was set via this file:

The next command, we will build in this part of the tutorial, will depend upon 2 input… Continue Reading →

Part 4 – Configure and run your first command

Contents1 Start where we left off2 Configure a single command3 Create an application4 Run the command by running the application5 Summary Start where we left off In the previous part of this tutorial, we have created a command that can… Continue Reading →

Part 3 – Building your first command

Contents1 What are commands and why should I use them?2 My first command3 What is a commandResult object?4 Finish our first command5 Summary What are commands and why should I use them? You can more or less compare a command with a… Continue Reading →

Part 2 – Preparing a project

Contents1 Prepare yourselfs…2 Create a new Nodejs project3 Create a directory structure4 Configure the macro-command package5 What’s next? Prepare yourselfs… In this tutorial we will prepare a Nodejs project, that will make use of the macro-command package.  To keep any user… Continue Reading →

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